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BCI Acrylic Bath Systems BBB Business Review

BCI® is one of the largest independent manufacturers and one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

BCI Acrylic offers one of the largest selections of products in the industry.

Learn how you can get a new bathtub in as little as one day!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a BCI bath or shower system cost?

The cost of your bath or shower system depends on the type of tub or shower, the size and the accessories you choose. Contact us today for a free design consultation and in-home estimate.

How long does a BCI bath or shower system take to install?

How long your bath or shower system takes to install depends on a variety of factors, including type of tub or shower and the size of the project, but generally can be installed in as little as one day.

What is the best way to clean my new acrylic tub or shower?

We have put together a list of recommended cleaning methods. Click here to download the cleaning instructions.

Is the bath or shower wall surround installed right over my old tile?

Yes.  First we repair any damaged areas in your wall to ensure a solid, secure base. Then we install our wall surrounds right over your existing shower or tub walls. This cuts down on installation time and saves you the hassle of a messy tear out.

Why is a BCI product better than bathtub resurfacing or bathtub refinishing?

Paint-on finishes are fragile and require special care. Many need to be redone in just a few years. Plus, the coatings have a strong odor and can take several days to dry. Unlike a durable bath or shower system from BCI, resurfacing or refinishing does not provide a long-lasting solution and is not easier to clean.

How long will a BCI bath or shower product last?

With proper maintenance, an acrylic bath or shower can last a lifetime. This is because the material is non-porous and is easy to maintain, so it keeps that ‘new’ look even after years of use. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty. Plus, since the material is a solid color throughout, the color won’t fade, chip or peel.

What type of warranty does BCI offer?

All of our bath and shower systems are backed with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions please contact us!

How Do I Find a dealer to Purchase a Tub or Shower. Can I Buy Directly From You?

BCI is a manufacturer of bath products. We don’t sell directly to the public. But we will be happy to get you in touch with a local dealer in your area. Contact us at 800-963-8827 and you’ll be on your way to the bath of your dreams!